Friday, February 12, 2010


Woo-hoo! No school! We had a VERY-rare Snow Day today, and classes have been cancelled.

What does that have to with writing, you ask?

Well - the novel I just finished has lots of snow scenes in it (Christmas in the Cotswolds). But since I'm fairly-unfamiliar with snow, being from The South (U.S.), I rarely have a chance to do close-up "research" of it. So, last night, I wrote down little snippets of observations that I'll incorporate into the novel. Bear with me - these are just ramblings:

* stark, thin, white branches cut against a black sky
* feathers floating down on the wind
* thick layer of white icing scooped out and layered over rooftops, shrubs, fenceposts
* teeny glittering diamonds set in the snow on the ground
* a noticeable hush that envelops everything - a beautiful stillness the snow carries with it
* my dog, unfamiliar with snow, treating it like some foreign object - sniffing it, biting it, shaking/spitting it out - then, running around in it like a little kid, giddy.
* snow falling like powdered sugar being sifted, dusting all the treetops

Not terribly poetic, but quite accurate, after last night and this morning. How fun, that I got to experience it, myself! (And, that I got the day off! Never a bad thing...)

Edit: Just found a great quote that says it better than I ever could. So lovely:

Winter came down to our home one night, quietly pirouetting in on silvery-toed slippers of snow, and we were children once again. ~Bill Morgan, Jr.

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  1. Ramblings?? Those thoughts are pretty, fun, creative, accurate, and playful! Do use them in your Christmas novel.