Monday, February 15, 2010

More Good News....

Here's a bonus post I hadn't intended on writing. But I must. You all know that I got the all-clear (no lupus) last week. YAY! Well, the rheumatologist had found "something" in my abdomen during his checkup. BOO! So, last week, off to another doctor, I went. Had 3 ultrasounds, then a CAT scan (wow, was that an experience, lol - I don't recommend it).

Here's the thing. I saw the egg-sized "mass" in my abdomen with my own eyes during the ultrasound. (As I've mentioned before, I'm a Christian and believe strongly in the power of prayer). Well, today, the nurse called to let me know THERE. IS. NO. MASS. It's gone. The CAT Scan was totally clear. Not even a blip on the radar. Wow. Just, wow.

Sure, I could justify this personal/religious/totally-not-about-writing post by saying that someday, I could use this experience (the CAT scan, the nervousness, the test of faith, the thrill of good news) in a book. And sure, perhaps I will - definitely a possibility. But, really, I just wanted to share my good news with the blog readers and give you some hope. If there's anybody out there who's searching right now, or who's seeking a little good news, there's a mighty and powerful God who can handle ANYTHING. Trust me. I've witnessed it with my own eyes these past 2 weeks.

May God bless any of you who have prayed for me or sent good thoughts my way when you first read about my blood tests awhile ago. I soooo appreciate them. And may God bless ALL the readers of this blog. May you find everything you're looking for, and then some. ;-)


  1. I am glad everything worked out, Lupus is no fun believe me i found when i was 24 ,I am now 45 been sick is no fun, even had two eye surgery because of the meds i had to take for Lupus

  2. Thanks, Deb!

    Audrinna - you've been through a lot! I'm sorry about your situation. I have a dear friend with lupus, and my great aunt had lupus, as well. Even though I don't have it, for 2 weeks, I totally thought I did. So, I can empathize with you just a little tiny bit that way, facing those health issues.

    I will pray for you by name every time I pray for my other friend with lupus, too. Hang in there, girl. Thanks so much for posting.