Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Great Agent Blog!

I recently discovered this VERY informative blog by agent Rachelle Gardner. She has so much practical advice to give to authors, with an inside look at the agenting process. Fascinating!

Here's the link: Rants & Ramblings

This blog is especially helpful to those trying to get published, or even thinking about getting published. It's like getting writer's-workshop-quality advice for free! Enjoy!


  1. Yes, she's great! Also try agent Janet Reid at - her Query Shark blog is even better. And have a look at - they are editors who give great advice.

    I have a long list on my writing blog if you want tooooo many to read - or to pick and choose. :D

  2. Deb - thanks for all the great links! I'll definitely check them out!!

    By the way, Rachelle Gardner (of that Rants and Ravings blog) just asked to see my full manuscript!! Unfortunately, someone else is seeing it exclusively, so I'll have to wait to send it to her after that (if the other agent passes). Ms. Gardner was very gracious about it...

  3. Wow!!! Congrats on the exclusive and on the full from Rachelle Gardner! Tooooo cool!

  4. Thanks, Deb! Yeah, I'm always realistic about my chances (slim), but I admit I'm letting myself get excited about the possibilities. I'm in for a long wait, but I'll keep y'all posted, for sure!

  5. I think we never stop learning so all these sites with advice for us are extremely helpful.