Thursday, February 4, 2010


So - I'm on the verge of finishing this new novel (which I started over the Christmas holidays). Up until about a week ago, I've felt inspired, excited, and energized about the whole process. It's actually one of the easiest books I've ever written because the characters are so vivid and the story seems to be telling itself.

Well, I feel like I've hit a wall. It's not Writer's Block. It's more like Life Block. I've had some unexpected health issues this past week, blood tests done and such (no results yet), and that's been a terrible distraction. Plus, I received 110 essays this week to be graded. Fun! :-P

I sat down last night to start a new chapter, and re-wrote it three times. I'm just not satisfied with it, just not inspired. And so, I'm frustrated. With myself, with the interruption of creativity, the absence of the Muse.

I know it will be fine - that despite what's happening, I will finish the book. I will press on. But I wish I could take this "life stuff," place it on a shelf somewhere, and dive in to finish the novel. Maybe this weekend, I can do that. I will try...

Thank you, readers, for listening to my frustrated ramblings. There's no real point to today's entry, and I suppose I've been selfish, just wanting to vent. But I didn't have anything enlightening or inspirational to say. If nothing else, I assume that others can relate to my dilemma - because the Writing Life isn't only full of light and creativity and muses. It's also filled with frustration and distraction. All part of this thing we call life...


  1. Life, as we know it, is full of...Life. No matter what we try, or have to do, life will always get in the way. Happens to everybody. Take care of yourself. Your muse will return. Hope everything turns out okay.

  2. Ah, Life. The "business of" or the "busyness" of life is often an intrusion into our deepest desires. As in working situations, vacations are necessities. Give yourself a break, and soon, when rested, you will again flow with creativity.

  3. You guys are great - thanks for the encouragement. I knew somebody would understand...

    *Passes B a small stack of essays and 10 red pens* LOL

  4. Oh it's rubbish when that happens. But distract your self, read good books, eat chocolate and it will all flow again

  5. Excellent advice -- I think the chocolate must've worked the best for me. I've sat down and written 5 pages tonight! Yay!

    I just got really determined to do it, set my mind to it, and sit down and write. Even if it might be crap, at least it's something. :-)

  6. The chocolate solution! Of course.