Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lofty Goal

So. I've decided that I will attempt to finish my novel. Today. I have about 20 pages left (maybe more), and that's a lot - especially considering that many important ends are being carefully tied together in those pages. Crucial chapters ahead.

I was going to relax, take this entire next week to finish the book, but then I remembered what's ahead of me this week -- more essays to grade (about 150, total, since last week), plus blood test results (for lupus - prayers appreciated). These life events will very likely distract me from finishing my book. So today, while the essays sit "on hold," and the test results are still unknown, I think I shall write. It's a lofty goal, finishing my book today, but I'm up for the challenge. I'll check back in tonight and let you know how I did! ;-)

6:01pm - UPDATE: I wrote 21 pages, nearly non-stop, in about 3 hours' time. The novel is FINISHED. Not perfect, not edited, but it's totally completed. Goal accomplished! :-)

Anybody else have a lofty goal that was important? And did you make your goal? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Wishing you LOTs of pages today, and good results on your test results!!!

  2. Thanks, Deb! Your good thoughts worked! Much appreciated...

  3. I was privileged to read Traci's book and the final chapter tonight. I LOVE it. I think it is her best novel to date. Can't wait for an agent to fall in love with Traci's novels - as I have. WAY TO GO - TRACI !!!

  4. As I look back on those days of concern with the blood test results...and your determination to finish those pages, I see the makings of a true author deserving of publication. I once wrote an interview article for a kid's magazine, 900 words. An editor liked it for another magazine, asked me to cut back to 300 words and she'd take a look...but it had to be faxed in a day or so! Deadline. Did it...though it hurt to cut all those interview words....article published!