Saturday, July 9, 2011

Berg Interview

Here's another author interview I've found, by a favorite author of mine: Elizabeth Berg. She writes women's fiction, and she's one of the few able to merge commercial and literary fiction effortlessly. Her plots and characters are entertaining and moving, while her detail and insights are deep and thought-provoking.

Link to the interview (source: A Life of Spice)

The interview is brief, but valuable, as she talks about the writing process. And, I think it's a nice little sneak peek into her book, Escaping Into the Open. In it, she discusses the writing process in great detail, talks about her own writing experiences, and offers wonderful creative exercises.

In fact, I find the book so valuable that I assign it in my Creative Writing classes. It's excellent. My students usually don't follow my weekly reading assignments (stretched out over the semester) -- instead, they gobble up Ms. Berg's book in a couple of days!

Mostly, the book feels like a lovely writer-to-writer conversation, and I think that's why it reaches writers (including myself) so successfully. The tone isn't intimidating or preachy. Ms. Berg somehow wraps up crucial information and tidbits about the writing process inside a format that's accessible and warm. I highly recommend it!

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