Friday, July 1, 2011

Author Interviews

Summer has gotten away from me (halfway through, really?!?!), and I find I'm blogging less often. So, to make up for it, I thought I'd spend a few entries posting author interviews. Authors, by nature, seem a bit reclusive (or, at least, they're not in the spotlight like other celebrities often are).

Thus, when I come across a detailed, insightful interview of an author, I'm always pleased. I love reading their thoughts, especially about their craft -- how they handle the process, what their tricks are, how creativity guides them, etc. I can learn a lot from reading these interviews.

To kick off my little series, here's an interview I found, from the author I've talked so much about recently, Elin Hilderbrand -- click here. (source: Bea's Book Nook)

My favorite quote from the interview (because I'm always preaching this to my students - it's so true!): I'm always reading; I consider it as much a part of my job as writing.

Another favorite (again, so true!): Once your book is finished, get an agent. And then let him worry about selling your book; you worry about writing your next novel.


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