Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shared Experience

I've blogged before about the personal decision one makes, whether to publish or not to publish. Some writers adore the solitude and privacy of sharing their thoughts only with themselves. They want to protect what's theirs, not let anyone else see it. Which is completely fine, completely their choice. Others, though, have the desire to let others see their work, to let them read their ideas and thoughts, to share their characters and stories.

Along those lines, I must admit - I do want to see my work in print. It's about several things: wanting people's feedback, hoping readers gain some enjoyment/entertainment from my writing, even just seeing my words physically in print, in book form. It would be amazing!

Certainly, being published wouldn't change my stories, wouldn't make them more important or more valuable than when I first put them on paper. But -- for me -- they gain a new "life" when others read them. I can't even express the rush I feel whenever a friend or relative asks to read my work, then tells me how much they enjoyed it. Through that experience, we've shared something special. It's like they've taken a peek into a very personal corner of who I am, and have validated what they've seen.

Not that I crave that validation (though it is extremely fulfilling!). But, having my work read by someone is a unique and personal experience that I would love to have one day on a larger scale. No doubt.

I came across a quote today, and, for me, I think it's true:

"No matter how much I adore writing, no matter the pleasure my stories give me, it isn't until books are read that they really start to breathe."  ~Kate Morton

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