Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Real Now!!

I just signed/mailed the agent's contract (what a surreal moment -- I made myself slow down and "experience" it, rather than just rush through, as I was tempted to do).

Now, it's back to work - making the final changes to the manuscript (his notes arrived, by mail, this morning (he'd put his notes in the margins)). Then, tonight, after I send him the final final final copy, I'm finished!! Well, for now, anyway. I know this isn't the last set of changes/edits I'll ever make, but at least I'll get a wee break.

Time to put my feet up tomorrow and REST <--what does that feel like? I've forgotten, lol.

Just wanted to share my news! It feels more official, more real, signing that contract. Yay!


  1. That was fast. The edits, I mean. At least from my perspective. But isuppose your manuscript was in tip top shape already.


  2. Thanks, Marquita!

    Hey, Matt -- looking back it feels fast, but I've probably been working 7-10 hour days (and working/teaching/grading) for the past 11 days, ever since that agent phone call. Plus, before that, I've revised this book 3 times (pretty major rewrites). So, I guess in all, this book has been through some pretty big edits, over about the past whole year. Whew. Exhausting but necessary...

    As far as today's edits, yeah, his notes in the manuscript were quite minor, and I had already corrected lots of the punctuation (dashes and ellipses, etc) last week. So, today, it went really fast, thankfully.

  3. Congrats, Traci! So happy for you....I know how hard you worked on this book so it has to be a MAJOR relief to have signed the contract.