Saturday, October 9, 2010

Don't Push It

So, here I sit, on a rare non-working, non-grading Saturday. I had decided to devote much of this day to writing. Well, editing is more accurate - there's a novel in the series I'm trying to polish and tighten at the moment.

I've sat down about three times, opened the document, stared at it awhile, tried to brainstorm -- but nothing's happening. I think my brain's a little fried from the hundreds of essays I've been having to grade lately, and I feel too fatigued to be creative. Or even to make sense, for that matter.

So, I've decided something. I won't push it. As eager as I am to get something accomplished today, I will go forth and relax, spend time online, take a walk - anything other than editing/writing. At least for this afternoon. Perhaps tonight, when I feel less antsy, better-rested, I can feel those creative juices flow once more.

Sometimes, I think writers do more harm than good (to their own writing) when they try too hard to push it. Sometimes, the better choice might be to walk away. At least, for a bit...


  1. This is when I find that I rely on "creative" music. When I can't write, I pull out a CD that supposedly melds the two sides of your brain so allow for more concentration and creativity. It works great for me. A few minutes of music and I am writing like crazy. Works every time.

  2. I like that suggestion, Jeanne - thanks! I'll have to try it...