Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wisdom from Yoda

I adore the Star Wars series. Yoda, especially, cracks me up. That weird voice of his, the inverted language, the bold determination coming from that small, hunched-over frame...

And I never really thought of it before, but he was full of wisdom. Sparse, inverted wisdom - but wisdom, nonetheless.

Here's a good example. I read this the other day, and thought of how much it applies to the writing process. I've been asked dozens of times before, by students and other writers - How can a writer get motivated/disciplined? How do we make ourselves be productive?

From now on, I think I'll respond to them (and, to myself) with Yoda's wisdom: Do or do not. There is no try.

Profound, isn't it? Don't just "try." Instead, DO. Sit down, poise your fingers on the keyboard, and write something. Anything. Because anything is better than nothing.

Here's that scene - see it from a writer's perspective. Wow, it really fits, doesn't it? Frustrated writer: "I'll never do it..." Feeling he/she isn't worthy, isn't capable, wants to quit. Yoda shaking his little green head, and saying simply - DO.


  1. LOL! I have a little yoda doll on my night stand. You squeeze his little rubbery hand and he says something profound and backwards like "The right path, you are on."

    Next time I come to a quandry in my ms, I am going to give him a little squeeze and follow his sage advice.

  2. Trisha, LOL! I've gotta find me one of those Yoda dolls! Too funny....