Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Love This Blog!

Yes, I do mean my own blog, but NO, it's not the arrogant statement it seems, lol.

What I mean is that I love this blog's purpose -- that I can come here, to this safe little place on the web, and talk (and talk and talk) about my passion, writing. And that I'm not (hopefully!) bugging anyone BY talking about writing.

Because sometimes, in my regular life, I'm afraid I'll go too far by talking too often about writing, with people who really don't care. Or maybe they do care, but just not as much as I care (about writing).

So, that's why I love this blog. I love that it allows me to talk about writing every day, if I want to, and to know I'm not burdening or boring anyone (again, hopefully not!). That those who read my words are choosing to seek them out -- and that those readers are probably just like me: writers who have a passion for writing. Who rarely get tired of hearing about or reading about our craft, or other people's experiences or other people's writing journeys.

I'm so glad that there's a group "out there" who understands, and who allows me to write...about writing! So, thanks!!! ;-)

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