Friday, May 27, 2011

A Gem

I love watching movies (even mediocre ones) that contain something unexpectedly brilliant that pops out at me. Something literary or deep or perfectly-stated.

Well, I just finished watching a cute, quirky indie movie called Happythankyoumoreplease (<---even the title is quirky, no?). It's written, directed, and starred in by Josh Radnor (of "How I Met Your Mother").

Anyway, the film itself is sweetly charming, and a little off-beat. Just the way I like my movies. It has a few extremely well-written moments between characters, where something is described or told that feels clever and and "spot on."

My favorite part of the movie (writing-wise) was when one of the characters was trying to explain to her long-time boyfriend that she was falling out of love with him. I liked the way it was explained, because I think the analogy perfectly hits the nail on the head. (This is from memory, not word-for-word):

The character reminds her boyfriend of when she'd first become attracted to him, when she first "noticed" him. She'd gone to meet him at a bar and was clearly over-dressed and he'd joked, "Going to prom?"

After that reminder, she tells him, "You 'got' me. I knew then that you weren't going to let me get away with anything, unlike most people. And in that moment, you sort of came into focus. Like, 'THERE you are...'" Then she pauses, looks sad, and says, "But now, it seems like you're going out of focus again..."

I just loved the way this was described. Because it's so true -- some people, for whatever reason, sharpen into focus for awhile, and sometimes, for whatever reason, they fade back into "normal" view. They become fuzzy again, maybe become less important? It was a really unique way of describing it. Very creative. Wish I'd thought of it first, heh. ;-)

Anyway, it's fun when an unexpected line or notion hits me that way in a movie. As a writer, I always admire those little gems that present themselves. And, as with a well-written book, it makes me want to reach higher as a writer. And that's never a bad thing!

Edited to add: Score! I just found the clip at YouTube - link here!

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