Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's OKAY to be alone!

As writers, we lead a solitary existence - at the least, during those hours we're composing and creating. But, at the most, during other, non-writing hours, too. I think writing gives us a gift that most people don't have: the gift of being COMFORTABLE, being alone.

Married or single, I think it's crucial that everyone is comfortable being alone. For a few minutes, a few hours - yes, even a full day or two. Not that we should hide away from the world, or push friendships away. No, those are crucial, too.

But we should never get to the point that being alone makes us nervous, or afraid. Especially, as writers. Because writing is alone-ness personified. Our thoughts, our fingers tapping on a keyboard, our words showing up on the page. By ourselves, alone.

My friend, Becky, shared this video, and I LOVE IT. It's poetry in motion, and says so much more eloquently what I've just tried to say here. Being alone can be a beautiful thing. And empowering. I think you, as a writer, will love this too. How to Be Alone


  1. This is one of the most amazing videos I've ever seen. I absolutely love it.

  2. That link takes me somewhere else. Just fyi.

  3. Ack! Thanks for letting me know. All fixed.

  4. I watched it through the link on facebook. It's awesome. As someone who was never alone until the last couple of years... and rarely is alone, even now, but recognizes the importance of being able to be alone... I love this.

    I wish I had understood this 15-20 years ago... it would have made a profound difference in my life.

  5. I was sort of "forced" to be alone, ironically, when I was married (in my 20's). My then-husband worked 14-hour days, and often then went out "with the guys," leaving me totally alone in our tiny apartment, day in, day out. He even worked Saturdays.

    I worked during the day, but because he kept moving us to different cities, I wasn't always able to get jobs immediately, so I spent some of that time ALL alone. It was a double-edge sword. I really did learn the value of being alone, being comfortable with "just me." In some ways, that was a really good lesson.