Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Non-Writing Link...

Just FYI - I'm adding a link to the left perma-menu. It's the only blog that isn't about writing. It's about the Cotswolds! And since my series of novels is set there, I wanted to add it for selfish reasons (that's how I like to catch up with my favorite blogs - I come to my own blog and see the updates on that left menu and just click away - easy peasy!).

Here's the link, for those interested in being transported momentarily to the blissful, beautiful, serene Cotswolds. Ahhh...

Maybe those gorgeous pictures will even inspire some poetry!


  1. Well, Traci, I don't know quite what to say! I feel very honoured about having a special mention.

    Most important of all, it's very encouraging when a 'proper' writer thinks that my scribblings are of interest.

    Delighted that you are enjoying my posts and I now look forward to reading more of your blog. Especially intrigued to read of your Cotswolds novels - hope I will find out more about them in here.

    Thanks once again


  2. Thanks for the comment, Johnson! Yes, I'm really enjoying your blog and was glad to share it with my readers. The beautiful pictures, the witty and informative entries you write -- such a nice slice of English living - an insider's perspective...

    My novels are set in Castle Combe, but I've re-named it as a fictional village - Chilton Crosse. It's an admittedly romanticized few of the Cotswolds, from an American perspective. The quaint shoppes, the patchwork countryside, etc. Much of the setting is from memory (I've only visited the British Isles once, years ago, but those pictures are burned in my memory).

    I've SO enjoyed researching England - the culture, the music, the holidays (Boxing Day! Who knew?), etc. I've used this site quite a bit for my research -http://projectbritain.com/ as well as this site, to get my dialogue right -http://effingpot.com/

    Anyway, I appreciate your comment! Thanks for visiting!