Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Great Quote

I'm honestly too tired to blog today (after teaching, grading 20-something essays (one that contained 22 run-ons, ack!), and attempting to do my re-writes). So, I'm taking the easy way out and letting a genius writer do the work for me. Here's the quote I read to my Creative Writing class this morning, from Joseph Dougherty, a writer for "Thirtysomething" (before you roll your eyes at me, lol, that show had some real quality writers - one of them being no less than Oscar-winner Paul Haggis!). Anyway, I think there's such truth in this quote and I wanted to share:

The more you write, the less you censor, and the more comfortable you become trusting your instincts. You learn to get out of your own way, and start to experience that sense of spirit-writing, where scenes create themselves and characters find their own voices. . . I believe the most satisfying work a writer does is that for which she or he feels the least conscious responsibility. It simply flows from somewhere. You don't write it down so much as the paper is there to catch it. Ego is lost and you become transparent, something through which the story is seen and focused. For a writer, this is a state of grace.

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  1. All writers can tired....so I say 'go with the flow' then get back on track and start in again. Like the 'spirit writing' in this quote...