Sunday, September 20, 2009


They're everywhere. Every day.

For me, specifically today, they are:

* My Sheltie - she's bringing me toys, saying, "Play with me - you're neglecting me," with those pathetic brown eyes.
* Facebook - entirely too much fun. Chatting, quizzes, status reports, time wasters. Facebook is eeeevil, but I love it.
* Essays - they're sitting on my laptop (online classes) and on my desk, begging to be graded.
* Laundry and other daily must-do's around the house
* New Fall t.v. - this is a silly one, but all summer, there's been NOTHING on t.v. Now, suddenly, when I have nothing but work in front of me, there are dozens of new shows starting this week that I'd like to at least take a look at. Thank goodness for DVR's.

So - what are your distractions from writing, and how do you handle them? I guess for me, the first step is stopping and noticing them - realizing they are keeping me from my work (currently, my revisions for the agent). And once I recognize them, I apparently blog about them first (*grin*), and then I make myself GET TO WORK.

With that, I'm signing off, to get something productive done today. Well, at least that's the plan... ;-)


  1. My distractions? Same as yours. Life. Time-wasters. Sheer procrastination. And sometimes, shockingly, I am just without the right words.

  2. Ahhh...distractions. Daily distractions. For me I feel I can avoid those distractions if what I'm working on is BEGGING me to finish and mail out. I think a writer has to feel very strongly about the piece being worked on to avoid daily interferences.