Saturday, September 12, 2009


I love corners. They represent something small, something safe. They allow you to sit with two adjoined walls at your back and quietly observe the rest of the room. Corners are solitary places. They can only fit one person. Not that I go around sitting in corners, mind you. No, they're a metaphor for a writer's life, which is why I've named my new blog "Writer's Corner."

Writing requires solitude. It requires detailed and careful observation of human nature, of habits and non-verbal communication and real-life drama going on around you. And, writing needs to feel safe. Because when you write, you're exposing parts of your inner self. Sometimes big parts. Sometimes scary parts. And if you don't feel safe, you'll hold back. And you'll cheat yourself and your audience out of something real.

So, when you write, think of corners. Squatting down, knees to your chin, quietly people-watching, gathering ideas. Then, go off into your own little writing corner, wherever that is...and write.


  1. When you write about writing, you reveal to us your gift of expressing thoughts and ideas in words. I pray that one day some discerning publisher will enable you to share your gift with the world!


  2. Welcome to blog land. I can't wait for the journey.

  3. Ahhh, corners. Ahhh, solitude. And may I add...light....and soft music. Or maybe total silence is what inspires you most. Whatever works, wherever it works, whenever it works.