Thursday, March 8, 2012

Name Poll

So, I'm working on re-vamping a character in one of my novels. And the only way I know how to make a HUGE overhaul of this nature is to re-name her. Give her a fresh start, a new personality, a new name.

I've asked some friends and family members to give me their input (after awhile, the names start to run together for me - I've lost perspective). I've even put out a large poll to my Facebook friends.

Even though I realize that naming a character is partly about meaning (does it "fit" the character's personality, or even the region where he/she lives, or the time period, etc?) -- it's also about what looks good on the page. At least, as a reader, that's how I view the importance of names. So, here's what I asked my Facebook friends:

I've narrowed down the possible character names to a few, and was wondering which one "sounds/looks" best. Which name(s) would you not get tired of seeing over and over again in the pages of a book? (<---lol at my criteria for this!)

Here they are:

Shaylin (or Shay)

Any favorites? (This is for a main character who's from California - she's shy and bookish and has a tomboyish streak, if that helps...)

I'll keep you posted on the results.
(I'd love to hear from any blog readers -- what's your preference??)
Update: I'm going to test "Noelle" (reading the first few chapters with that name, see how it feels/reads). If that doesn't work, the next choice is probably Jordan or Cassidy. Thanks so much for your input, everyone! (Umm, I have no idea why the spacing here is so


  1. I vote for Noelle. Seems to be a lot of names with 'y' in them, not only on your list, but in books. It's nice to see a different 'look' on the page.

  2. Excellent point, thanks! It's funny - I didn't even realize they all had the "y" in them until I compiled the list! I love how "Noelle" looks on the page, too....

    1. I'm dyslexic, so the layout/repetition of letters is something I'm overly sensitive to :)

  3. Jordan. I like the neutrality of the name. And it's easy to read/say.

  4. I like Jordan, too! It's simple but unique.

  5. I lean toward Jordan or Penny, though the latter may be terribly old fashioned.

  6. Thanks for the input, Deb! ;-)