Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Music = Art Without Words

So, I know this is a writing blog and that writing is all about WORDS. But, I like to consider writing, music, painting, any form of creativity as "art" - with or without words.

Music, especially, can be such a powerful art form. In fact, it can be even more powerful than words. Because sometimes, words for certain emotions just don't exist.

Here's a perfect example:

Every time I hear this gorgeous song, it sounds like "life" to me -- the paradoxes involved -- beauty, pain, joy, tragedy, all in one song. All without a single word. The chords flow and change, from major, uplifting, hopeful chords to dissonant minor, poignant melancholy chords. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

Just wanted to share a little piece of rich "art" today. Hope you enjoy it.

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