Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Character's Age?

Over the years, I find that I write main characters in their late twenties or early thirties. That's not because it's popular (I assume that most main characters in adult fiction tend to range from late twenties to late forties?). Instead, it's probably because I enjoy writing characters closer to my age. And even though I'm now *cough*About-to-be-42*cough*, I don't feel my age. So, I tend to write characters a little younger. The age I really feel, inside. ;-)

Of course, I also write minor characters of all ages -- children, middle-aged, elderly. And they're all interesting to write. And, of course, MANY adult writers are penning young adult novels, where the main character's age is significantly younger. I wonder if, in those cases, those authors are using a niece/nephew or child as a guide (observing that generation close-up, like research).

But for me, for my core characters, at least right now, I like to feel their age, embody their age.

I wonder if that'll change, over time. If, when I'm sixty-something, I'll start to write fifty or sixty-something-aged main characters. Rosamunde Pilcher, now in her eighties, has seemed to write progressively older main characters as she's aged. And I wonder if it's because she can relate to them more--their time of life, their circumstances, etc.

What ages do you generally gravitate toward (depending on the type of fiction you write)?

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