Friday, June 10, 2011

Puppy Haikus

Whew. So the past week has been an absolute whirlwind! Traveled to see my brand-new nephew (beautiful!), then to pick up my little "baby" (new Corgi puppy!). Though caring for a 6-week-old puppy isn't nearly as taxing as caring for an newborn baby, the similarities are there: lack of sleep, round-the-clock care, numerous feedings, the pressure of responsibility of caring for a living creature, etc. Add in puppy playtime and you've got one tired owner!

So, I wrote a few haikus about it:

New little creature
Chewing everything in sight,
Welcome to my life.

No sleep, little rest
Caring for your every need,
Worth every second.

Finally named you
After much contemplation,
Darcy it will be!!


  1. Oh wow, so cute it's criminal! What a doll!

    Nothing like puppies to make you smile. And I hear you on the round the clock care. I took in a pregnant rescue dog a few years ago who had a litter of EIGHT!

    OMG, pure pandemonium, but also amazing. We used to feed them a wet food slurry in a tin for making muffins. I'd fill the outside muffin holes in the tin and they'd all stand around it eating their food. My husband and I would watch and just laugh. : ) But it worked perfectly!

    Good luck with Darcy. Wonderful name, too.

  2. Emily - wow, that DOES sound like pandemonium, lol!! I was thinking about it yesterday, how I'm handling ONE puppy - I can't imagine how the breeders do it with 8 or 9 at once, wow!

    I love her to bits - she's the best-mannered puppy I've ever had (and smart, too - she's only had about 3 accidents inside this whole time - she cries when she wants to go out). It's just TOTALLY exhausting. Add in my 7-year-old Sheltie, who has no idea what to make of her, and who's begging for even more of my attention, and it makes for a very full day. I'm trying to squeeze in some writing inside all this chaos, too. Not easy! But worth it. ;-)