Thursday, June 2, 2011

Name That Corgi!

So, looky what's been distracting me this past week! Can I get a round of "awwwwww's?" (click the picture for a major closeup).

This is my new baby Corgi. She's nearing 6 weeks old. I haven't met her yet - she'll be ready for pick up next week! Squeee!

What does this have to do with writing, you might ask? Well, two things come to mind:

1) Research! In my current "cottage" series, set in England, I like to have my characters own pets. Dogs, cats, even a cockatoo. Well, I haven't "written" a Corgi yet, shame on me! Its ancestry is Welsh, so it would fit in perfectly in these novels. Well, now, I have the chance to see one up close, study its bark, its mannerisms, its personality. And I'll be better-equipped to write about it!

2) What's in a Name? It's embarrassing, how difficult it's been to come up with the right name for this puppy so far. I'm a writer. Right? It shouldn't be this challenging. But then, I think of character names -- how important they are. How time-consuming it can be to find the right fit. And, how vital that we take our time, get to know our characters, and choose the perfect name. Whether symbolic or linguistically-beautiful, a name should "match" the character. It should fit. So, that's how I'm trying to approach this puppy-naming process.

At first, I wanted to stay true to her Welsh heritage, but I just couldn't see myself trying to pronounce something like "Amranwn," or "Ystwyth," lol. So, I'm sticking with something that rolls off the tongue a little better. I'll narrow these down over the next few days, then wait to meet the puppy and get to know her. And maybe, that way, I'll find the perfect name!

Here are my favorites so far, in no particular order. I'd love more suggestions! Please leave me some in the comments!

Brittany (<--I know, I know, too obviously "British," lol)
Cheeky (<--yes, the British term for audacious, bold, saucy. I thought it would make for a unique puppy name).


  1. Thanks, OL! I like that name, too!

  2. I can't decide which name I like, I just want to stuff him into my pocket and go shopping or something.

  3. LOL, Elsie! My thoughts exactly! ;-)

    Maybe I need a Paris Hilton doggie purse. Ehhh...on second thought...

  4. I think you should name her Pippa.

  5. How about Ci (pronounced "key"), ci is Welsh for dog. Or Sian is a popular Welsh girl's name. Or how about Ceri or Cerys?

    Corgis are wonderful dogs, very intelligent.

  6. B - that's a cute name!

    Justine - those are lovely - thanks for the suggestions! *adding them to my list*