Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Think Like a Man...or Not?

So, for the second time, I'm going to center my next novel around a man's point-of-view. Scary, huh? lol Scary because I'm, obviously, not a man, and it's challenging, thinking like the opposite sex. At least, it is for me...

Still, the first time I used a male POV (last year), I found it easier than anticipated. I think it's because I tapped into his human qualities - things I could relate to, like fear, love, memory - rather than just the male mentality. Then, I tried to "wrap" those familiar qualities around a male perspective. The trick was not stereotyping him, not making him instantly less-emotional and more straightforward, simply because he was male. Also, it helped to think of men I've known throughout my life - father, brother, friends, ex-husband, etc. Just knowing their traits and their reactions to things helped greatly.

So, I guess my own personal way to write a different POV other than my own is not to "think like a man," but to "think like a human," and then try to filter those same emotions that EVERYONE feels, through a new perspective (in this case, male).

Today, a challenge: If you've never done this before, try writing a scene or story from the POV of someone totally different from you: opposite sex, 30 years younger/older, someone with the opposite personality or background as you, etc. It's amazing, how liberating it can be!


  1. Wow what a great idea. So far I've only written in a female POV, but I'd love the chance to have a go at a male POV. I never thought I could do it without it being stereotypical, but I'm going to try your challenge. :)

  2. Thanks, Lindsay - yep, I was nervous to tackle it, but had great fun with it! A big challenge, for sure, but it stretched my writer muscles, I think...and, I was able to do a LOT more with the story, since it was "his" story I was telling (in other words, I didn't have to rely on a second-hand female character just observing him, in order to tell the story - I was able to have him be front and center...)

  3. This would be a fantastic assignment for any creative writing class! A challenge, for sure.