Monday, May 3, 2010

Eke It Out...

Self-Discipline is key for a writer. We can sit and brainstorm and think about plot/character development all day. But until we sit down and put pen to paper, nothing will come of it. Sure, it's difficult, turning off t.v.s', tuning out ringing cells, logging out of Facebook, in order to focus on writing. It's even harder during times when our livelihood takes absolute precedence - when we're forced to make that decision between our job and our "hobby."

This is final exams week for me - the past 2 weeks have been crazy-hectic, with all the grading required of me (250 essays!). But, somehow, I've managed to eke out a few minutes here and there to do some editing on my novel. It's about self-discipline, but it's also about something else, for me. I have a passion for writing, and though it's hard to find the brain power during weeks like these, my writing/editing is also a lovely escape from the grind. Ahhh....

So, today, if you're having trouble balancing work and work (writing), realize that you really don't have to choose. It's possible to do both (ask John Grisham, who, as a working lawyer, arose at 4am each morning, to write for an hour before getting ready for court). And, if you start seeing your writing as an escape from your job, rather than a burden, it becomes even easier. Truth be told, I'd rather write than grade, any day. So, it's not difficult for me to "choose" writing, even during super-stressful work weeks like these.

I issue a challenge -- no matter how busy you are with family life, work, duties/obligations, make time for writing. Eke it out. Just a few minutes is all you need. I promise, you'll feel better for it.

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  1. While going through 'book and puzzle ideas' recently, I experienced a certain 'revival of interest' in the craft of writing. Now reading this, I couldn't agree more...even a few minutes a day would get a writer back on track.