Friday, May 14, 2010

Let the Process Begin!

Starting a new novel always feels like starting over. And that's a good thing. I've been through this process a few times, now, but each time, it's different and fresh. And fun!

Here's a sampling of what I've done this past week:

* started a brainstorming file on my computer (I keep getting random bursts of creative ideas, so for now, I'm typing them, hodge-podge, into this file so I won't forget them)

* searched for title ideas (I always like to write several down early on in the process, then add to them along the way, and weed them out later on. For me, "the right" title takes a lot of time and thought...).

* created a screensaver (weird idea, I know, but I love walking into my computer room and seeing the landscape (in this case, the Cotswolds) of my novel flashing across my screen, as well as the characters (in my head, I "assign" certain actors or actresses to play the roles, so I can see them more clearly). It helps me visualize the basics of the setting/characters.

* started my basic plot outline and character profiles (these will take the most time and thought. I'll be working on them for the next couple of weeks, at least).

Like I said, fun! I love this part of the process, especially when I'm excited about the book, and when I'm invested in the seeds of a story that "sound" good in my head. The trouble is, of course, getting the ideas onto paper that way - the way I see it in my head. That's always the most challenging part.

*lifts up cyber-glass in a toast* So, here's to a summer of hopefully-fruitful writing. And to hoping that I can write that last page somewhere around the beginning of August (before the dreaded semester begins once more...).



  1. I love the little things that help us with the creative process. The screensaver idea is awesome. Inspiration everytime you turn on the computer. :)

  2. Great ideas to inspire you!