Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Writing Bug

I actually wasn't going to blog today - my brain is too exhausted from this first week back to school (looooong week).

But, I was inspired tonight by an email I just received from one of my good friends. She very recently caught the writing "bug" and wanted to tell me about it. She's been writing fan fiction (I've read it - it's very good!), and has gotten amazing feedback from people. Her email to me tonight was basically telling me about the "high" of writing she's experienced - the long nights she stays up crafting her story, the feeling she gets when someone (many someones!) compliments her work.

So, I wanted to devote this entry to my friend, and to all those "new" writers whose excitement is infectious. It's not that she couldn't write before - she absolutely could. But now, she's caught the bug. She's a goner, like the rest of us. And it wouldn't surprise me one bit if she never stopped writing.

Because there's really no cure for that "bug," once you catch it - once you experience the rush of emotions when you get lost in that world you've created. Or when the Muse keeps you up late at night, typing a million miles a minute. Or when people you don't know (who, are therefore unbiased), take time out of their day to write and tell you how amazing your story is - how it transports them and takes them to another place.

And - it takes a fellow writer to understand completely this feeling, this bug. So, Friend, welcome to the club. You're in good company. ;-)


  1. The writing bug is like Herpes. Once you catch it, it never leaves. And, just because you cant see it, doesn't mean its not there. Ta-ra! awesome visual, eh?

    Congratulations to your friend, really! The world needs more writers.

    I came via "pensive sarcasm" so please, don't mind the sudden stalking. :)

  2. LOL, Jm! Interesting analogy! Welcome to the blog - thanks for "stalking."

  3. Totally agree! I started writing at six and haven't stopped since. Once you have it, there's no getting rid of it. (Thanks for that one Jm - won't forget that in a hurry!) :D

  4. This 'writing bug' sounds pretty contagious. If accompanied by 'fever'...pursue the task of writing with renewed energy.