Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"What If?"

There's a cartoon I found online that has two men, both digging through tunnels.  The first one, on top, is working hard, teeth gritted, determined to make it.  The other one, below him, has changed direction.  He's got his pickaxe over his slumped shoulders, and has given up, walking the other way.

If we look to the right of the cartoon, we see what the men were digging for: diamonds.  But more shocking than that, we see how close they were.  A mere inches away.  The man still digging WILL find those diamonds in a few more minutes.  But the one who gave up?  He never, ever will.

There's a quote that goes with this:  "If you give up too soon, you'll never know how close you were."  ~Unknown

That image and quote are so powerful.  And they perfectly embody how I feel about following your dreams.  To the end.  Even if they're years in the chasing, dreams are worth the pursuing.  Because the "what if" question is just too hard to bear. What if your dreams are right around the corner?  And what if you gave up on them moments too soon?

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