Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Enchanted Things, Higher Things

Elizabeth Berg (wonderful author of women's fiction) just posted something interesting on her Facebook page. Rather than try to sum it up, I'll post it below. What struck me about it (the quote she offers) is how much I agree with this notion -- that art/music/writing DOES lift the spirits, does take humans to a higher plain. It removes us, for a time, from the doldrums of this sometimes-heartbreaking life. And for a moment, we're transported out of it, thanks to ART.

That's why I read, and that's mostly why I write...

Here's Ms. Berg's posting:

Every year, I go to the Nutcracker Ballet. Every year, I cry when it snows on stage. This year, I went out into the lobby of the Auditorium Theater to get a grip on myself and came upon this wonderful quote up on the wall, said by Mayor Harrison on the dedication of the auditorium. I want to share it with you because it says so much of what I believe about art in general.

"I wish that this great building may continue to be to all your population that which it should be, opening its doors from night to night, calling your people away from cares of business to those enjoyments and entertainments which develop the souls of men and inspire those whose lives are heavy with daily toil--and in this magnificent and enchanted presence lift them for a time out of dull things into these higher things where men should live."

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