Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Miss It

It's times like these, mid-semester, where I miss my writing. When other priorities push writing away - things like grading essays and mid-terms, doing lesson plans, attending mandatory meetings. They squeeze out my writing time, but never the desire to write.

Sure, I could bite the bullet and just visit my material for a few minutes, here or there. But I'm usually too (mentally) tired by the time I get those extra minutes.

This post isn't a complaint about my job, not really. It's just a sad resignation that I don't have the kind of time I want, to write. To step back into a world I've created and spend leisurely time there -- more than a few sporadic moments.

But I guess it's a good thing, missing my writing time, my characters. It shows that there's a pull there, a longing to be in that place again. And, surely, that longing is enough to lure me back. Even if it is only for a few precious minutes...

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