Tuesday, October 11, 2011

400 posts? Really??

I didn't know I could be so verbose! lol

Thanks to those of you who've stuck with me through all 400 posts, and over the past two years. I'm so grateful that anyone reads this blog...

So as not to waste #400 with self-congratulation, I'll turn this into an actual post with actual thoughts about writing:

I watched a George Clooney interview the other day (on the Charlie Rose show). And he talked about the craft of being an actor, of making movies. He denounced the "fame" aspect of it (saying it was fleeting), and said that over the years as he's grown, he's learned something. I'm paraphrasing here, but essentially he's learned that the craft is bigger than the actor. And that a piece is a success when the actor loses his/her ego, and all elements come together (writing, directing, producing, acting) in order to serve the story.

That's so true of writing, isn't it? We're more successful when we stop being enamored with our own writer's voice - when we get out of our own way to serve the story, the characters.

I think that's why editing can be such a challenge. We've poured hours and hours into those words, and the thought of slicing them, erasing them with one click of a keyboard can be heartbreaking. But we have to ask ourselves one question -- does that act (of editing something out) ultimately serve the story/characters? If so, it's the right thing to do...


  1. Congratulations Traci. It's a testament to your mind that you could come up with so much to say.

    Keep at it.

  2. Thanks!! ;-) I guess it's both of our (nearly) 2-year blog anniversaries! *clink*