Friday, April 29, 2011

Love is in the Air!

I still haven't seen my recording of the Royal Wedding yet, but maybe this weekend, I will. All this hype and all this talk of commoners marrying princes has me thinking about romance. I look at how blatantly it's been on display the past couple of weeks, leading up to the wedding. And how much people -- women, especially -- eat it up. Women like me!

And it reminds me again that, thankfully, there's a pretty solid market for romance in commercial fiction.

I actually write women's fiction (such a vague term, embodying MANY different genres -- chick lit, literary fiction (aka, "Oprah" books), romance, erotica). Mine are the "cozy" type, a la Debbie Macomber or Rosamunde Pilcher. I like to think of them as relationship books with a little romance sprinkled in.

So, back to William and Kate -- watching the world embrace their love story reminds me how much people love a good romance. It's apparent, from all the hype (some would say it's gone quite overboard, in fact) that fairytales still live on in our collective consciousness, whether American or English (or otherwise). And there's nothing wrong with that! I love that I write about love. That it still has a place in this jaded, modern, fast-paced world.

And mostly, I love that somewhere there's a corner, a little niche inside people's hearts, that holds room for an old-fashioned love story. One that can still capture the attention of the world, the way that Kate and William's story has.

Cheers to the happy couple! *raises cyberglass high*