Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's My Anniversary!

I started this little blog of mine exactly one year ago (well, technically, it was Sept 12th). It's surprising, how satisfying it's been, to write about writing - the ups and downs, joys and frustrations. And, even more, to hear from other writers across the country who are in the same boat. I had no idea if I'd enjoy the blogging process (I do!) or whether I'd even find enough things to say (I did!). Thanks to Becky, for giving me the inspiration in the first place.

Looking back on this year, I didn't do anything amazing like snag an agent or get published, but I did "put myself out there" more than ever before - and from that, I've received unexpected valuable feedback/advice/interest from some agents, which is promising. And, more importantly, I've continued to write. To make progress. To keep chipping away. In fact, I've been more productive in the past year than I have any other writing year, and I'm proud of that. And, I feel like I'm close - that maybe, just maybe, this next year could be "the year" of getting agent representation. It's probably just wishful thinking (realistic thinking!), and if it doesn't happen, it's fine. I'll just keep on writing, anyway...

So, today, I'm issuing a heartfelt "thanks!" to the readers - to anyone who's even read a single entry, and especially to those who keep coming back for more. It's much appreciated! At least I know I'm not out here alone in cyberspace, talking to myself, lol.

Today, I wish my blog a Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

*throws confetti all over the blog; hands out bubbling cyber-glasses to the readers*

Here's to another year!


  1. Congratulations Traci! It's not only been fun getting to know you through your blog, but you throw out some informative stuff too.

    And bonus! We started our blogs on the same day. I would have forgotten my own blogiversary if not for you.

  2. Thanks, Matt! It's mutual! I really like the wit and honesty on your blog - you make me laugh. And think.

    Neat, that we did start out on this blogging journey on the same day! Happy Anniversary to you!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Traci! I always enjoy your posts.

  4. Thank you, Deb! I always love reading your comments!

  5. Thanks, Melecio!! So nice of you to say. Glad you're reading the blog! I hope your semester is going well. I can't believe it's going so quickly!

  6. Thank you! and yes i know what you mean we are almost going into our fifth week, I suppose time flies by when you're having

    My semester has going pretty good and i hope youre goes well too. Have fun grading those papers!!!!

  7. Ha! Grading papers! I'm about to start a big batch of them tomorrow, in fact, yuch.

    Actually, I always love grading Creative Writing papers. That part doesn't feel like "work." Glad your semester is going well.

  8. Yea I know you enjoy your CW class, but I am staying pretty busy here at UT. It's different yet similar in a sense from TJC, but I love it!

    I was going to take your creative writing class but my scholarship wouldn't pay for my classes at UT and TJC. But I am going to try my best to get into it Next semester if possible.

    Oh one last thing, could i give you my email and we communicate that way, or would it not be appropriate.

  9. Hi Melecio, no problem, about the email. You can contact me through the school address. Better yet, I probably have your email still in that system, from a past semester - let me see if I can do a quick search and I'll send you a "testing" email...