Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bonus Post!

This is toooo fun not to share. I just found this website: I Write Like

Basically, you submit a brief paragraph of something you wrote - a novel, a blog entry, a letter - and this analyzing software tells you which famous/bestselling author you write like. Hilarious!

I tried it 5 times (using 5 different samples of my novels) and it came up with these results: Stephen King, Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, Stephen King, and Charles Dickens.

Umm, wow. LOL! Seeing as I write the complete opposite of a horror and bleak tales of orphans, I'm sort of questioning the validity of the results. Still, it's a fun time-waster!

I'd love to know who you write like! Post it in the comments and let me know!


  1. This was interesting. I took one of my published articles, and 3 blog entries that I felt most represent me. For the article, I got David Foster Wallace.

    For the reamining three, I got PG Wodehouse, James Joyce and Dan Brown.

    Sadly, the only one of those I've read is Dan Brown. While I thoroughly enjoyed The DaVinci Code, simply for the story, not so much the writing - (I thought it read like a screenplay and I don't exactly consider that a compliment) I'm not much of a fan of Brown. The only other one I'd *heard of* is Joyce.

    Now, can someone tell me what these people have in common? (Other than being male authors?) I looked them up on Wikipedia, but now I have some reading to do. ;)

  2. LOL - yeah, I think it's an odd analysis, considering my results, too (Stephen King? REALLY??). Probably has to do more with sentence structure than anything else. By the way, I read that one of the (obviously living, lol) authors who's in the mix of results tweeted yesterday that SHE took the analysis, and it said that she wrote like somebody else (not herself! ROFL!).

    I teach a short story by James Joyce ("Eveline"). He's a good writer (structurally), but the plots are very spare. Generally, though, I'm not a fan of short stories, and I haven't read anything else of Joyce's.

    Oh - I also got Margaret Atwood as a result yesterday, whoever that is...

  3. Ha! That's funny it didn't list her. I assumed sentence structure was the main component also. I was reading quickly over one of the guys I looked up on wikipedia and it mentioned that he is known for long sentences with lots of clauses. Mmm... guilty. ;)

  4. Although interestingly, if I am not writing exceptionally long sentences, they are noticeably short and choppy. It seems that mid-size sentences are not really my thing.

  5. Long sentences are good! I tend toward them in my novel-writing, as well, especially the descriptive passages. I'm trying to insert short sentences among them, to give my writing some variety. Like this. lol

  6. HA!! Writer humor! I love it. :)

  7. I enjoyed reading this entry and the responses.
    Looks like the site didn't actually guess correctly!