Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Forgot to Eat!

Here I sit, at nearly 2pm, finally looking up from writing the new novel (I'm 14 pages in, yay!), and realize that I haven't eaten. Anything, all day.

Getting absorbed in the writing process is probably, for me, the best part of it. For awhile, I'm in another zone, another world. I'm chatting with characters I've created, getting more interested in their stories, and looking at a new landscape (in this case, England). It's thrilling, but sometimes, it's all-consuming.

So, whenever you forget to eat - or bathe, or feed the dog, or run important errands - know that it's you, giving priority to your writing. Now, I don't suggest starving for your art, or neglecting your dogs or your bills or your mate. But sometimes, it's necessary to put those things aside for half a morning, and focus - totally and utterly - on nothing but your writing.

Sometimes, forgetting to eat is a good thing...(hey! Maybe I'll lose a couple of pounds in the process!)


  1. Yes, I love it! I love getting lost in my writing, which usually happens at work though. Hmmm...I forget to work...

  2. Absolutely. When you're really serious about writing, other priorities in life are put on hold temporarily.