Thursday, October 18, 2012

Participating in Art

I believe "the Arts" are all connected:  dance, painting/drawing, photography, writing, music.  They all share the same creative foundation.  I also believe that, even if a person doesn't happen to be gifted in the creation of these arts, he/she can still enjoy them, be moved by them, feel connected to them.  And by doing so, that person participates in that art.

For instance, I feel an intense level of personal/creative satisfaction when I write.  I'm creating something, involved in the nuts-and-bolts process, from the ground up.  I feel comfortable writing, always have.  But -- I cannot dance.  And I cannot draw (well, maybe a passable stick figure).

However, I thoroughly enjoying watching other people create their art.  Watching someone like this be incredibly good at what they do moves me on an emotional level.  Or, watching my grandmother paint, noticing the intensity in her eyes, the knowing movement of her brushstrokes.

I may not be the one creating the art, but I'm still watching it, appreciating it.  Participating in it.

I guess I'm just grateful that, even if I'm not talented enough to create certain forms of "art," I can still enjoy it on a very satisfying level.  And be part of it, just by appreciating it.

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