Thursday, November 17, 2011

Food for Thought...

Here's an interesting blog entry on "Nine Pieces of Bad Writing Advice" - link here

I actually teach a few of these in my Creative Writing class (try to avoid cliches and passive voice, etc). But I do agree that, in the end, creative writing rules can be bent or even broken, and that not every rule will apply to every writer.

I think the key is about following your gut, in the end...


  1. I agree about it all boiling down to your gut. The worst writing "rule," or the one I hate, I guess, is the whole no prologue thing. I avoid them because so many writers advise against them, but I don't see much wrong with them when I read a book that has one.

  2. A prologue is a great example of this -- I've read that most agents "hate" them - but I see them all the time in published works. I guess, in the end, there are really no "rules."

    Thanks for posting, April!