Thursday, September 1, 2011

Creative Encouragement

A good friend named Mary Lou wrote this for me, as an encouragement. She knew I needed it today. What a great (and clever, and creative) friend!!

Dream. Receive inspiration. Write. Doubt. Self-edit. Rewrite. Doubt some more. Rewrite again. Submit. Really doubt. Wait. Play "What If?" Nail bite. Wait. Doubt. Hope. Deep despair. Hope. Repair manicure. Doubt. Get an Agent/Publisher "nod." Rewrite per dangling carrot suggestion. Resubmit. More nail biting. Doubt. Hope. Doubt. Hope. Repair manicure. Add pedicure with massage chair. Doubt. Rewrite per second dangling carrot request. Resubmit. Wait. Doubt. "What if?" Doubt. Hope. Doubt.

Forever and a day later, receive publishing contract! Elation!!! Do "Happy Dance." Call and email Family and Friends. Repeat "Happy Dance." Squeal in delight. Over-consume favorite celebratory food. Throw up again. Grin. Remind self you're going to be published. Pinch self. Wait. Wait. Wait. Repeat approximately 18 months.

Book hits stores. Readers love it. Reprints ensue. Book soars to top of Best Sellers List. More celebration ensues. Whirl-wind book signing tour. Friends see you giving interviews on national TV. Friends and Family brag. Long lost friends and estranged Family members request free books and loans. More printings. More interviews. Media marvels at "overnight success." Literary works knows better.

Repeat process for every subsequent project. :-)

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