Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tell It Like It Is

I found a wonderful blog entry (Kristen Lamb's "Product Trumps Promotion") that addresses some hard truths about writers and writing. She uses Gordon Ramsey as a good example to emphasize the importance of PRODUCT -- that, no matter how we dress up a book, or try to sell or promote it, in the end, it's the WRITING that counts. Which is why we should constantly work on ourselves as writers. To be the best writers we can be.

She also discusses the pitfalls of blogging (that it can be used to procrastinate our writing, etc).

I like it when people tell it like it is -- sometimes, a wake-up call is just what we need, to remind us of priorities.


  1. Thanks for sharing the link. Very interesting post!

  2. I thought so, too! I love finding new blogs like that. So helpful!