Thursday, February 3, 2011


I found this great 4-part video about Storytelling (via Nathan Bransford). It explores the basic building blocks of writing -- the pitfalls to avoid, strengths to strive for, and mechanics to incorporate.

I like what Mr. Glass says, regarding anecdotes and revelation. I think if a story is lacking either that steady push-forward of plot, or a relevance (why is this story meaningful or important?), the entire piece is weakened.

I also agree with him, about editing - about being ruthless and tough, when it comes to removing the "trash" to find the gold in your writing. It reminds me of something a writer said during a conference I attended years ago: "A sentence (or storyline, or character) must EARN the right to live." Be brutal. Be ruthless. Cut whatever doesn't belong there.

Mr. Glass also discusses how all writers go through a period (usually early on) where their good taste doesn't match their writing (which is underdeveloped, at that point). His solution is to write, write, write. Very reminiscent of this recent blog post, the "million bad words."

So much great advice in those videos. Very encouraging. I really needed to hear it today.

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