Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Expect Nothing

So, my agent confirmed that he's pleased with my revisions (yay!) and that he's sending my manuscript out to five publishers this week! Soooo exciting, sure. But also, completely nerve-wracking. The material is officially out of my hands now. Nothing left to do. And although the reality is that this submission process will take months and months, I'm eager to know something now, now, NOW!!

Long ago, in an interview Don Johnson did, he was asked about his life philosophy. He just said two words: Expect nothing. And that really stuck with me. Sure, be hopeful, be positive, put good thoughts and prayers behind your hopes and dreams, keep reaching for the stars. But then, expect nothing. That way, if your dreams aren't reached, you're less disappointed. And if they are reached, you're wonderfully surprised!

Of course, this philosophy is much easier said than done. Expecting nothing is something that has to be practiced. Daily. When I feel my hopes rising, when I feel that impatient anticipation and want to check my email for news every five seconds, I have to push the impatience down and....wait. Lower my expectations once again. Put my focus elsewhere (on a new project is a good idea--at least I'll be productive!).

So, for those of us waiting on publishers (or queries to agents!), I think "expect nothing" is a good philosophy to adhere to. I only hope I can! ;-)

*checks email one more time before taking my own advice*


  1. Yay! Keeping my fingers crossed for you. :)

  2. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. I know how hard the submission process can be; I am in the thick of it now. If you ever need an encouraging thought or somebody to share your nervous jitters with, you know where to find me. Good Luck!

  3. This is so awesome. Now stop checking your e-mail.

    I love "expect nothing." I've been giving that one a good hard attempt lately. It's helpful.

    Good luck girl. I can't wait to get a copy of your book!

  4. How exciting and scary! Wishing the best for you - and a quick response from all those editors!!

  5. Thanks, y'all!! Trisha, best of luck to you, as well! By the way, I found a GREAT thread on Absolute Writes, for those who have agents and are in the thick of the submission process. I love reading their helpful comments:

    lol, Becky! I wish it were possible for me to stop checking it! Seems like a reflex these days. Hard habit to break!