Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nobody's Perfect

I spend a significant amount of time in my Creative Writing class each semester, talking about characterization. Primarily, about giving characters flaws and/or quirks. Doing so makes them multi-dimensional and, more importantly, identifiable to the reader. Nobody likes a "perfect" character. How boring!

Here's a wonderful blog entry I found today, about this very thing. I like how the author draws from classic literary characters as examples. Enjoy! The Unique Appeal of Flawed Characters


  1. I was just reading about this today! Great advice!

  2. Thanks for posting! Am off to check this out :D

  3. It's the same when I think I know a character in a TV drama. And then suddenly...there's more, something totally unexpected. Same with writing...imperfect characters...flaws and all!
    Makes for interesting reading.