Monday, December 28, 2009

Kindles. Hmm....

So. I just read today that Kindle (digital) books actually out-sold hard/softback books on Amazon last year. Wow. Really? I find that very interesting. I knew Kindles were popular, but had no idea they were that popular.

My thoughts on this: I don't own a Kindle, though I've contemplated jumping on the bandwagon. But the purist in me much prefers feeling the texture of a page with my fingers, smelling that "new book" smell, reading a printed page in front of me. I don't know that I will ever prefer reading a screen to reading a physical book.

But, if Kindles will make reading more accessible to people, I'm excited about that. If there are non-book-loving people who start reading because of this new technological advancement, then, great! As long as actual hardcover books don't eventually go the way of the dinosaur, I'm happy.

What does all this mean for the writer, though? Does the new popularity of the Kindles affect our chances of getting published, or change the way the agents/publishers handle manuscripts? Since I'm not any kind of expert in this area, I'm posting a link to someone who is - The Rejecter (an anonymous literary agent's assistant). I love her blog. Very insightful, snarky, and honest. Here's the link.

So, any thoughts on the Kindle? Do you own one? Love it, hate it? Think it's just a passing fad, or here to stay?

**edit - since the 2 hours that I posted this entry, The Rejecter posted this link to a VERY interesting article that could give a preview to the MESS that could occur in the publishing world over e-books (Kindle): LINK

By the way - I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I simply cannot believe it's already over. Went wayyyyy too fast for me. :-P


  1. I think it was in Surprised by Joy that C.S. Lewis wrote about finding as a young reader, the appreciation for the physical book. He commented on the feel, the smell, and the way it comforts. Some books are good to bury your face in like a leather jacket. I love the smell that is unique to a used book store. This summer I went into a used bookstore on the UW campus in Madison and was raptured immediately. What would a store of old Kindles smell like??
    Thanks for the posting.

  2. Don't own one but I agree with your sentiments completely. Love books...and much prefer holding a BOOK than a Kindle! But if it opens up a world of reading pleasure to some, that is great. From one who owns hundreds of books and is a librarian....LONG LIVE BOOKS!!!