Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This might be the last blog post before Thanksgiving, so I wanted to make this one Thanksgiving-centric.

It sounds corny, but I'm thankful for writing. I thank God for the creative outlet it allows, for the "other" world it lets me enter, for the unique connection it brings between fellow writers. I'm grateful that I can be myself in ways I can't be otherwise, through writing. And, I'm grateful for the magic that happens (occasionally) when the Muse sprinkles generous portions of her creative pixie dust onto my fingers as I type.

Because when I'm in that "zone," when everything else is shut away except the words I'm placing on screen, that's magic. There's nothing else like that high, and I'm most grateful for it.


  1. That's nice, Traci. Thanks for reminding us to be thankful for the gifts we have, and not grouse about the ones we wish we had...

  2. Absolutely! Writing is a talent...and a blessing...nothing 'corny' about that. Wishing you a 'horn of plenty' ideas to be thankful for.